Warpin Creation

Endless Midimensions

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Forge Weapons

Purge Flaws

Save Existence

Welcome Home

Welcome to your new home... the Meshold.

The Meshold will be your base of operations within the warpstream. It will provide you with safe haven where you can store any artifacts you find. It will also give you a place to forge your weapons and hone your skills to prepare for battle.

The Meshold lies on the very edge of the warpstream. From there, you can jump into the midimensions with ease.

Meet Your Ad/Visor

The visor provides access to your inventory and displays your vitals. It also provides access to the game menu.

To equip weapons, access the menu, or scroll thru your inventory, simply open the visor and "hit" the item or action you wish to perform. When you are done, release the grip button and the visor will close.

As you get better at using your visor, you will be able to switch weapons rapidly in both hands. This allows you to change your combat style quickly, depending on the situation.

Warpstream Energy

The most important thing you need to understand is this - everything you see in the midimensions is fabricated from warpstream energy. Each midimension's Energy fluctuates, making you more or less powerful.

You are attuned to the warpstream and can focus this energy to use on your journey. However, that energy must be carefully spent or you may run out.

Your movement and abilities use this energy to overcome enemies and flaws.

Warp Forges

Your Meshold contains warp forges to Display and customize your most prized artifacts.

Once an artifact is placed into a warp forge, you can add, replace, or upgrade any of its abilities.

Warpstream Entrance

When you are ready for battle, you can enter the warpstream thru the entrance located at the end of your meshold.

The warpstream will transport you to one of its infinite midimensions.

The Midimensions

As the warpstream flows between dimensions, it combines the DNA of those worlds and forms small pockets of reality. As these energies cool, midimensions are formed.

Sometimes the chaotic blend of warpstream and ordered reality produces mutations that focus destructive energies. Over time, these mutations grow stronger and begin to destroy nearby dimensions.

You must purify these midimensions and save countless lives in the surrounding worlds.

Warp In

Warp energy flows richly thru midimensions. In dense locations, it crystallizes and creates small gateways known as warps. These warps form an elaborate web that can be used to move quickly across a midimension.

Use warps with caution. At times, they can aid you in escaping quickly. But at others, they can get you into danger just as fast.

Monsters Will Hunt You

The chaotic energy that builds in warpstream flaws produces monsters that will seek you out and try to kill you.

These monsters embody the essence of the flaw that created them. Beware of stronger monsters as they indicate the presence of stronger flaws.

Henchmen Will Kill You

Occasionally, a flaw will produce a very potent adversary known as a henchman. These monsters are extremely dangerous and will stop at nothing to protect their flaws.

Henchmen alone can shatter your essence. COmbined with the presence of other monsters, they can quickly become certain death.

When encountering henchmen, use warps and clever moves to keep them at a distance.

Flawed Reality

Flaws are the crystallization of unstable energy in the warpstream. There can be several flaws in a midimension.

Although somewhat inanimate, Flaws possess consciousness and can detect your presence. They will summon monsters to stop you and can be extremely dangerous at close range.

Flaws are cunning. As you progress in your journey, they will employ new strategies to prevent you from administering their demise. They can cloak, shield, regenerate, and move. You must use your best tracking skills to end their threat to life.

Its Never That Easy

Fortresses are defensive constructs forged by powerful flaws to ensure their survival.

Use all your battle senses when breaching a fortress. These ancient flaws present significantly more danger and will use their defenses against you with malice.

Sacking a fortress and destroying these master flaws stabilizes a midimension and removes all threat to nearby dimensions.

Warp Crystals

Warp Crystals are formed when monsters and flaws are destroyed.

These crystals can be used in your Warp forges to strengthen artifact abilities.

Ability Crystals

Ability Crystals focus warpstream energy into reality. These abilities can be used by themselves or combined into artifacts to forge weapons of great power.

Some abilities will emulate magic while others may emulate technology. Some abilities can heal you, and others can protect you.

Forging abilities into artifacts allows you to create a diverse range of battle styles.

Artifacts Beyond

Artifacts are powerful objects found in the nearby dimensions. They can be created when powerful flaws are destroyed.

Some artifacts can be used to fight your enemies in melee while others can be used to wage war from a distance. Others can be used to shield you from enemy attacks.